Rethink Solutions Inc. (RSI) is an industry leading developer and vendor of web based, real estate asset management solutions in the areas of property tax and assessment, occupancy cost, and insurance.

RSI has been proudly serving clients since 2001 and continues to be a market leader with a client base that includes many of the Fortune 500. Our continued success is derived from our long term cooperation with the world’s leading businesses. We work closely with our clients and their unique portfolios in order to offer a proactive partnership which assists us with future development, new system features, reports, integrations and flexible customization options to create solutions tailored specifically for our clients. At RSI we bring the best of both worlds; global, robust capabilities, and a personal touch that comes from truly understanding our clients’ business and caring about their success.

Rethink Solutions

How it all Started

The initial version of the itamlink property tax software was created in 1997. It began strictly as a tool for consultants to address the needs of their clients and to provide them with high level management reports. In time, those clients wanted direct access to the itamlink platform to access data and run reports which triggered the release of itamlink as a web-based software in 2001 – the first fully web-based (SaaS) software application of its kind.

itamlink continued to evolve as an enterprise application as real estate and property tax managers sought to gain more control and visibility over their real estate data, and identified significant opportunities to streamline and improve efficiency of their operations, and modernize their current processes.

Adopting a SaaS based approach allowed us to deliver the software in a manner that was fast to deploy and implement for customers; and to avoid month’s long implementation schedules.

We continue to develop in a fast and agile manner, delivering new features and capabilities to our user base as part of their subscription.

Key Objectives

To make managing data easier and more efficient for companies that own, occupy or operate multi-property property portfolios.
To enable those companies to be more effective at finding valuable insights from that data.
And to continuously improve and support the solutions that we build for our clients.

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