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itamlink Core Modules

More Than Just Property Tax Management Software

itamlink is a secure, web-based, property tax and assessment management software solution for multi-property portfolios that supports the active management of real estate property assessment and taxation in today’s global economy.

Assessments and Values

Supports market value, assessment ratio, phase-in and exemption tracking as well as the calculation of taxable assessment.

Taxes and Expenses

Manage all tax related bills (county, school, city, etc.) as well as create custom bill types for tracking of other related expenses (i.e. refunds, water, sewer, and other fees).

Budgets, Forecasts and Accruals

Develop property tax forecasts, manage budgets and calculate accruals across multiple properties, counties and jurisdictions.

Appeals and Tax Savings

Manage every step of the appeal process from appeal deadlines to meetings and hearings. Provide external users with access to maintain data for specific properties for greater transparency.

Buildings, Tenants and Allocations

Effectively track multiple buildings and tenants that may span different parcels and allocate taxes and values accordingly.


Track and organize all relevant contacts associated with each property in a searchable and reportable format. Associate contacts with properties and parcels and filter reports by contacts.

Valuations (Cost, Income, Sales)

Manage, report and track details and values derived from the three approaches to value – Cost, Income and Sales.


Track and Manage specific lease information associated to the property tax.

Business Intelligence

Gain actionable intelligence from your data

Data speaks volumes, itamlink makes it easy to extract valuable and actionable intelligence from your data. Using itamlink reports and dashboard summarize everything with informative charts & graphs, dig deeper with powerful reporting filters, and export to HTML, PDF, CSV, XLSX, and more.

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Management Reports & Dashboard

Portfolio and File Inventories

Taxes & Expenses

Assessments & Values

Appeals & Tax Savings


Budgets, Variances and Accruals

Workflow & Approvals


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Business Process

Streamline and automate everyday business processes

itamlink makes it easy to automate time consuming and data intensive property tax processes. Execute your most time consuming, repetitive, property tax tasks with flawless precision.


Built-in data management workflow with user definable responsibilities to ensure efficiency and compliance.


Ensure deadlines are never missed. Numerous reporting and notifications methodologies are available.

Payment Approvals

Assign approval roles, rights and queues to review and approve property taxes and expenses for payment

Payment/ Receipt Integration

Send and receive data seamlessly with 3rd party applications and processes

Data Centralization

Ensure data integrity through data centralization

Optimizing and centralizing the property tax management process can result in immediate savings and have a long-term positive impact on a company’s overall financial performance.

Rethink Solutions, Property Tax Software

itamlink Data Manager

Manage data en masse using the Mass Copy (Roll Over), Mass Update and Mass Insert features. The Data Manager supports both standard and custom Excel integrations.

itamlink Docs

Files and documents such as tax bills, assessment/value notices, pictures, reports, spreadsheets, etc. can be uploaded, stored and associated to specific properties and parcels. Files in itamlink Docs are fully searchable and sortable while files stored in 3rd party applications can be linked and achieve the same functionality.
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itamlink Capture

Eliminate manual data entry while increasing accuracy and turnaround time

itamlink Capture turns paper documents into electronic data that is automatically indexed, verified and entered directly into itamlink.

Eliminate Data Input Errors

  • itamlink Capture ends cumbersome paper processing by enabling users to automate labor intensive tasks
  • Save time tracking and fixing data or misplaced documents

Streamline Process and Increase Productivity

Save money by reducing time spent on data entry. Improve accuracy and eliminate input errors by automating the process.

Reduce Data Entry Costs and Effort

itamlink Capture is designed to reduce data entry costs by 50% and higher.


Built in the cloud to leverage accessibility and improve transparency

The easiest way to manage your property tax and assessment portfolio. There’s nothing to download or install…  just open your browser and go. The perfect solution for all levels of users across all markets.

Rethink Solutions, Property Tax Software

Web Based

No software to load. Only a user name and password are required to access itamlink from anywhere with an internet connection.


The software is available 24/7 with guaranteed uptimes of 99.0 – 99.5%.


A ’Google Like‘ search provides quick and easy access to property and parcel records based on multiple search criteria.

UX (User Experience)

itamlink is designed to be as easy to use as a consumer website.

Export to Excel, CSV, PDF, HTML

View all reports in .XLSX, PDF, HTML and CSV formats. Quickly export all data in itamlink to .XLSX or .CSV.
Rethink Solutions, Property Tax Software


Enterprise scale data collection and analysis tools

Looking for more power and centralized control? itamlink offers an enterprise wide data management & analysis solution.
Consolidate and streamline all data to a common platform, maintain administrative control, and experience unlimited flexibility & scalability.

Multi-User Accounts

Provide accounts for both internal and external users using fine grained access controls.

Administrative Tools

Make sure nothing slips through the cracks. Manage users, preferences, and all activity from a centralized interface.

Fine Grained Access Controls

Choose between read and write access or allow multiple users to access the same data sets simultaneously. Restrict user, grant access to specific sections of a portfolio, restricting access to different itamlink features completely user definable.

Global Features

Manage Global portfolios with conversions into and out of local currencies, provide multi-language support to remote users, various units of measurement, global mapping and customizable fields.


Additional fields, reports, modules, processes/workflow, and integrations can be configured and customized to meet the unique needs of every client.


Enterprise-Grade Data Management, Security, Performance and Availability

Bank Grade SSL Security

Data is protected and secured with enhanced login and data encryption.

Redundant Servers & Firewalls

Our systems are protected 24/7 with redundant servers and firewalls.

Daily Backups

Every day your data is backed up and stored in a secure offsite location so in the event of a natural disaster your data is safe.