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The 2019 itamlink User Workshop Recap

The annual itamlink User Workshop brought together our users to discuss and discover better ways to leverage the power of itamlink. Our vision is to provide clients with a world-class technology to improve their overall property tax strategy. This year, the theme of the workshop was “Transforming the itamlink Experience”. We gathered our clients in Chicago to learn how to better impact the property tax management goals within their organizations.Some of the major focus areas in our discussions included:

  • itamlink’s new user interface and experience
  • Using dashboards and preferences efficiently
  • Optimizing data and data management strategies
  • Using automation to effectively reduce workloads
  • Understanding the analytics and building cohesive reports
  • Getting the most out of technology through integrations

With the focus for this year’s workshop being transformation, we took this opportunity to provide users with hands-on training in our newly released, updated user interface. It was extremely well received and the real-time feedback was immensely valuable in planning for future updates.  

We believe that there is great merit in bringing our clients together to share common practices, make connections in the industry, and support each other via knowledge sharing. It is important for us to understand their needs and take inspiration from their challenges. The workshop provides the perfect opportunity for our clients to shape the future of the products they are using and for us to reveal how their feedback has impacted our roadmap. Stay tuned for announcements regarding next year’s conference and workshop and we hope to see you there!

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Introducing the New itamlink User Interface
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