A Recap of Rethink Solutions Summit 2020: Connect. Collaborate. Control


Since 2016thitamlink user conference has been an opportunity for itamlink users worldwide to gather under one roof, explore the future of property tax management, and collaborate on how we can better use technology to optimize property tax – together.  

With our clients and employees’ safety in mind, we decided to host this year’s event virtually. Although it was a difficult decision, this gave us the opportunity to rethink” how to best serve our clients during this time.  

This resulted in the Rethink Solutions Summitour first-ever, online, livestream conference. Over 150 clients from across the globe tuned in to hear itamlink experts share their best practices when it comes to managing the property tax process.  

We are thankful for the co-operation of the International Property Tax Institute (IPTI), for providing us with guest speakers from TJX Companies, Revantage and Prologis to guide our thought leadership discussions. 

Review of Summit Highlights

With 10 sessions over the span of two days, it was hard to pick a few of our favoritesBut if we had to narrow it down…  

1) Connect. Collaborate. Control.  

“Connect. Collaborate. Control.” was the theme of this year’s Rethink Solutions Summit. This core message was embedded in all sessions and networking conversations.  

The theme was most present during the IPTI session Corporate Challenges – Experience Sharing in Managing Multi-Jurisdictional and Global Properties. Industry leaders Marc Sances, SVP of Real Estate Property Tax for Prologis and Connie Ellis, VP of Property Tax from Revantage, chatted with IPTI CEO, Jerry Grad on the challenges they face in their roles with regard to this topic, and how they tackle these issues in their organization.  

Notably, Marc discussed two different approaches to manage multi-jurisdictional portfolios; top –down vs. bottom-up. Asserting that data management is a key component to being successful, no matter the approach, the first step in controlling any process is controlling the dataAdditionally, developing a consistent knowledge base along the way and making note of pertinent changes such as, the nuances of different assessors, will help you work more effectively AND efficiently. Connie provided some great insight to this point:  

Even though it might be the same function, how you manage and approach the function within different states within different counties, even within the different assessment offices makes a huge difference on your ability to be successful.”  – Connie Ellis  

This session was a fan favorite, and we appreciated the involvement of the audience and positive feedback from attendees 

2) Release of itamlink Enterprise Plan and Upcoming Certified Integrations 

Our mission at Rethink Solutions is to optimize property tax management for owners, occupiers and managers of multi-property portfolios. We are now taking that one step further by releasing the itamlink Enterprise plan 

The itamlink Enterprise plan will include new features that have been built to meet the specific IT demands for many businesses. As with any enterprise offering, this is a starting point, but we are focused on growing and evolving our software and functionality to better address our client’s requirements. 

But it doesn’t stop there! 

As a part of using technology to optimize property tax management, we understand the need for integration between existing systems and are excited to announce three new, upcoming integrations.  More information can be found on our integrations page. 

3) Attendee Collaboration 

Despite not being in-person, we wanted to give attendees the opportunity to network and collaborate with one another. Attendees had the opportunity to network during the beginning of each day, and over half took advantage of the networking opportunity provided by conference platform – AMAZING! We were thrilled to see so many people taking this year’s theme to heart – Connect. Collaborate. Control.  

Stay Connected

It is our hope that attendees walked away from the Rethink Solutions Summit, not only learning something new about itamlink, but having built connections with others in the industry. We encourage you to continue this dialog. In fact, we have established an itamlink user group on LinkedIn and you can join by clicking here. 

Thank you so much for attending the Rethink Solutions Summit 2020 and we can’t wait to see you next year!