Some of the most Frequently Asked Questions we get about Rethink Solutions as a company, our
itmalink software and property tax in general.

itamlink stands for Internet Total Asset Management describing how our online platform connects and manages real estate assets in a multi-property portfolio.

Personal property tax is an annual tax imposed on movable assets such as machinery, furniture, electronics…etc. whereas real estate property tax is charged on fixed property like land, homes, buildings, parking lots…etc. Personal property taxes are, like many other taxes, based on self-reporting of values. However, for real estate property taxes the assessment, or value, of the property is determined by the taxing jurisdiction. This makes property tax unique in comparison to not just personal property taxes, but most other taxes as well.

As one of the largest expenses associated with a multi-property portfolio, having a dedicated software to manage this liability is a critical part of reducing cost and mitigating risk. Using a software that cannot handle the full complexities of the real estate property tax lifecycle could be costing thousands of dollars in over-payments and missed opportunities, or even more when considering employee effort and lost time. Many personal property software tools “claim” to manage both personal and real estate tax in one system but fail to properly apply key real estate tax functions such as allocations/recoveries, tax forecasting, budgeting and accruals across the entire property portfolio. That is because they are built primarily for core personal property functions that are typically focused on a single year. In fact, because these personal property systems are geared towards single year review and accessibility, they are efficient for personal property tax administration, but mostly inefficient for real estate tax management that requires a multi-year analytical data model.

Rethink Solutions Inc. is the developer of itamlink, the leading property tax and real estate asset management software. Dedicated to optimizing the property tax management process with over fifty years of experience in the industry, we translate our in-depth knowledge of the property tax lifecycle into significant efficiency, cost savings and risk mitigation for our clients.

Our pricing is based on the size of a real estate portfolio.

Unlike most SaaS products, itamlink is not priced based on number of users — in fact we offer an unlimited number of seats to our clients. There is no additional cost to add new users.

Yes, our team of Customer Success Specialists are always available by phone or email between 9-5 pm EST. Outside of office hours, you can reach our team via email or access the itamlink Knowledge Base which is available 24/7.

itamlink is a global software and works effectively in jurisdictions all over the world.

We work with each client to determine the best way to organize their data. Our team will then load and migrate historical and current data during the onboarding process to ensure it is done quickly and effectively.

Yes, our team of experts is available to help facilitate the data entry process for all assessment notices and tax bills. We can assist with ongoing data entry to relieve a client’s data management burden.

itamlink is not a payment system and will not pay your tax bills. However, we do have the ability to integrate/interface with clients’ internal and external payment (AP) systems to submit invoices and track receipts/payment statuses

We do not collect data from the jurisdictions, all data is provided by our clients. However, if a client receives a data feed itamlink has the ability to consume that data in a manual or automated fashion.

Rethink Solutions takes the security and availability of client data seriously. By voluntarily re-certifying against the criteria used for SOC 1 and SOC 2 trust principles each year, Rethink Solutions allows an impartial third-party to affirm their quality controls meet strict industry standards. We are up to date on the latest security practices and techniques.

Yes. Single Sign On (SSO) is now available as part of the itamlink Enterprise offering.

Yes, itamlink has a built in audit log that records the date, time and author of any data changes made within the system.

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