Those who manage, own, or occupy multi-property portfolios know that property tax budgeting season can be an especially complex and stressful time of the year.

How can you adapt your property tax budget/forecast process to avoid the yearly pitfalls that many multi-property portfolio professionals have come to dread?

Building off of our Rethink Solutions Summit, we’re excited to present this 9-part series on property tax forecasting & budgeting. This series will give an in-depth review and demonstration of itamlink’s budgeting, forecasting and accrual capabilities. The tools from the series will help you tackle one of the busiest times of the year.


Session 1

When: Nov 17th @ 12:30 EST

Topic: Defining the Property Tax Forecast – What is it and what’s the end game

  • Introduction to property tax forecasting with itamlink
  • Exploring the assessment and tax module 
  • Forecast module preview: tax-based and assessment-based forecast
Session 2

When: Nov 19th @ 1 2:30EST

Topic: Exploring the Forecast Module

  • How to generate a tax assessment-based forecast
  • How to generate an assessment-based forecast
  • How and when to do a combined Tax and Assessment Based Forecast Walkthrough
  • Accruals preview
Session 3

When: Nov. 24th @12:30PM EST

Topic: Accruals Module

  • Introduction to Accruals Module
  • How it ties into Forecast – Tax-Based walkthrough to produce Accruals
  • How to adjust accruals
  • Balances: Payments, Refunds, and Balance Adjustment tie-ins
  • Finalizing payments  with the Tax Module
Session 4

When: Dec. 1st @12:30PM EST

Topic: Accruals Automations for the Advanced User

  • How to adjust accruals via forecast 
  • How to adjust accruals via the assessment 
  • Adjusting the forecast and finalizing payments from the Tax Module 
  • Rate automations – nominal rates on tax, blended rate on assessment 
Session 5

When: Dec. 3rd @ 12:30PM EST

Topic: In-Depth Look: Assessment-Based Forecast (Blended Rate Walkthrough)

  • Introduction of Nominal Rate and Blended Rate
  • Assessment-Based Forecast – Blended Rate, resulting Accruals
  • Pros and Cons of assessment-based forecast
Session 6

When: Dec. 8th @ 12:30PM ET

Topic: In-Depth Look: Assessment-Based Forecast (Nominal Rate Walkthrough)

  • Assessment-Based Forecast – Nominal Rate, Resulting Accruals
  • Crystalizing this as a solution to challenges presented during blended rate
Session 7

When: Dec. 10th @ 12:30PM EST

Topic: Data Manger, TBD

Session 8

When: Dec. 15th @ 12:30 PM EST

Topic: Accruals Module (New): Walkthrough, TBD

Session 9

When: Dec. 17th @12:30 PM EST

Topic: Accruals Module (New), TBD


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