Mitigate risk with accurate property tax calculation

Property tax is one of your company’s largest operating expenses, so you want to budget for it with the greatest accuracy, accurately determine what to appeal and successfully support those appeals.

With itamlink, you can more accurately analyze your assessments and values, identify opportunities to mitigate property taxes and manage successful appeals.

52% of people surveyed said they lack the tools to analyze tax information.
— IDC Research

Comprehensive appeals process

  • Ensure all stakeholders, including consultants and attorneys, are aligned and have full visibility into the processes when appealing properties across multiple jurisdictions.
  • Manage the appeal process, from initiation to deadlines, meetings and hearings, to staying informed at all times.
  • Track your refunds and offsets and ensure you receive the correct settlement amounts.
  • Get greater transparency by giving partners and stakeholders access to maintain data for specific properties.
  • Identify more tax savings opportunities by analyzing trends and measuring benchmarks with robust reporting and analytics tools.

Enhanced management of assessment and values

  • Manage, report and track values for individual properties derived from the three approaches to value: Cost, Income and Sales.
  • Use analytics and benchmarking to review assessments and values against comparable properties in the market.

What’s Next?

Here are some resources to help you identify risk mitigation opportunities and generate more tax savings.