Introducing the New itamlink User Interface

itamlink new ui release

We are pleased to announce the roll out of a new user interface for our itamlink software! Driven by our commitment to continuous product improvement, the new UI incorporates enhancements that make the experience more intuitive, insightful and efficient.

Our initial focus when working on the new design was to improve the core features that people use every day. We wanted to make sure that managing the full property tax lifecycle with itamlink was even easier and more intuitive than before.

An Updated Look and Feel

While the new user interface will have a modern look with updated icons, colours and a spectacular dashboard, the changes we focused on are more than just cosmetic. The updated system maintains full parity with the features and functionality that have made itamlink what it is today. In addition, it brings new features and functionality that result in an enhanced user experience. One of the biggest experience-changing aesthetic updates we made to the system is a complete overhaul of the screen resolution. The updated interface takes full advantage of the entire screen, giving you up to 30% more visibility at one time.

itamlink dashboard new UI

The Upgraded Dashboard

Not only have we given the Dashboard a modern look with fresh new icons and colours but, based on your feedback, we have also added a few new features that will make working in itamlink even easier: 

    • The new Dashboard is 30% wider and can fit more widgets in your home view than before. This means you can explore more of your data on one page without scrolling.
    • In the new user interface you can also export the data visualizations and charts right from your dashboard into xls, csv, jpeg and png. 
  • Finally, you can now exclude or include information from your charts directly in the dashboard. By clicking on the data you want to manipulate, you can choose to filter out different statistics from your graphs as you see fit.

export graph itamlink

The “Universal Add” Button

We’ve made it easier to do your job by creating new shortcuts to the system. For example, in the old user interface, you had to be in the parcel module to add a new parcel, and to add a property, you had to go to browse properties. In order to make the process of adding new parcels or properties to the system faster, we’ve created a “Universal Add” button in the new user interface. This means that you can now add parcels or properties to your portfolio from anywhere in itamlink, with the ability to add any new record or data point from the same “Universal Add” button very soon.

itamlink universal add button

New Pop-Out Navigation 

To make things even easier, we’ve streamlined the system navigation by building an updated menu that can be accessed from anywhere within the software. The new, pop-out menu will show you exactly where you are in the system at any given time, and allow you to easily move from one module to the next without having to scroll all the way back to the top of the page. This new feature not only makes it more efficient to navigate from one module to the next, but it will also free up your working screen space because it can be hidden when you are not using it!

pop-out menu itamlink navigation
These are just a few of the exciting changes coming to itamlink as we launch our new user interface. As we look to the future of itamlink, we have many more functions and continued improvements on the horizon. We hope that you enjoy the new user experience and that you keep on telling us how to make it even better.