Introducing Parcel Overlay: Analyze Property and Parcel Data Using Built-in GIS Mapping Technology

parcel overlay map showing parcel boundaries and market values for properties

Accurate, up-to-date property and parcel data is the foundation of a strong property tax management strategy. Yet many property tax teams rely on manual processes, finding and entering jurisdictional data from around the web into spreadsheets and various internal systems.  

With accurate data readily available, property tax teams can maximize efficiency and optimize their real estate portfolio. That’s why we built Parcel Overlay, a GIS-mapping technology that provides property and parcel data directly in itamlink. With the tool, you can view parcel boundaries and review jurisdictional data for your own and neighboring properties, including parcel numbers, sales data, and market values.

Ensure Data Accuracy with Built-in Property and Parcel Data 

Parcel Overlay makes it possible to look up and review jurisdictional data for your own portfolio as well as neighboring properties and parcels. Since the data is shown in map form right in itamlink, you limit the risk of typing values incorrectly or running into issues with inconsistent units or formatting, which could make values incomparable.  

Identify Appeal Opportunities and Build your Appeal Case 

Appealing your property tax assessments is an important part of any property tax strategy and directly impacts your company’s bottom line. Parcel Overlay makes identifying appeal opportunities easy. Property tax teams can research values outside their specific portfolio, keeping an eye on neighboring properties or similar parcels across a jurisdiction to monitor and compare values.  

Make Real Estate Investment Decisions with Confidence 

Researching and planning for future portfolio investments is a critical part of your real estate business. But important details can be easily missed if you’re relying on data entered into spreadsheets, which lack context.  

Parcel Overlay allows you to review jurisdictional data as you scroll through a built-in map that clearly highlights parcel boundaries. Simply click into parcels to see in-depth data about properties and parcels, regardless of ownership.  

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