Maximize the impact of better property tax management

Simply paying your property taxes is not enough. You must also be equipped to scale your property tax management process to accommodate changes and ensure successful real estate investments for the future.

A scalable solution like itamlink gives you improved visibility into your accounts and operations, enabling you to better manage your budgets and forecasts, and respond to new developments.

“itamlink’s benchmarking module is a great tool for making better appeal decisions. The module helps us identify appeals we may have otherwise missed.”

— Ken Rogers, Director of Real Estate Taxes, Duke Realty

Reliable forecasting and budgeting

Using an enterprise-scale property tax software brings more accuracy to your calculations and a strong foundation for reliable forecasting and property tax planning.

  • Improve visibility into your tax management process by integrating your property tax management software with your ERP and accounting solutions.
  • Strengthen your accounting operations by accurately forecasting, budgeting and accruing for property taxes across multiple jurisdictions and fiscal periods.
  • Support and automate re-forecasts and accrual adjustments.
  • Generate budget and accrual reports with ease across specific time periods and segments of your portfolio.

Managing future investments

With better visibility into your property tax operations you’ll be better prepared for future developments and investments in your portfolio.

  • Be ready to respond to changes, such as adding new properties to your portfolio or an unexpected staffing change.
  • Get expert advice on property tax management best practices with a proactive partner.
  • Be future-ready to manage your property taxes with scalable technology.

What’s Next?

Here are some resources that you may find helpful when planning to reduce your property tax.