The Leading Developer Of Property Tax & Assessment Management Software

itamlink, Rethink Solutions’ property tax software was created in 1997. What began strictly as a tool for consultants to address the needs of their clients and to provide them with high level management reports quickly developed into a more robust property tax management solution. Responding to client requests for direct access to the itamlink platform in order to run reports and access data, we developed and released itamlink as a web-based software application in 2001 – the first fully web-based (SaaS) software application of its kind.

itamlink continued to evolve as an enterprise application as real estate and property tax managers sought to gain more control of and visibility into their real estate data. Working with our clients, we identified significant opportunities to streamline and improve the efficiency of their operations, and modernize their current processes through the development of itamlink.

Adopting a SaaS-based approach allowed us to deploy itamlink quickly, enabling customers to be implemented and functional in a reasonable amount of time, avoiding months long implementation schedules. We continue to develop in a fast and agile manner, delivering new features and capabilities to our user base as part of their subscription.

The Rethink Solutions Property Tax Software

Rethink Solutions Inc. is a leading developer of property tax and real estate asset management software. Our technology, itamlink, delivers a full suite of property tax management capabilities for multi-property portfolios.
Our client base includes some of the largest corporations, retailers, REITs, multi-family, commercial and industrial businesses in the world. itamlink maximizes profitability, reduces expenses, and enables data-driven decision making for multi-property portfolios.
Rethink Solutions has been proudly serving clients since 2001. We are a market leader with a client base that includes Fortune 500 businesses. Our long-term commitment to the world’s leading businesses has led to our continued success.