The key reason for our 100% successful implementations is that our team of experts load your data (current and historical), validate the information, ensure completeness and then optimize the data guaranteeing a smooth transition to itamlink.

Our value add continues. Your implementation team of industry experts will gain an understanding of your business needs, combine that with their deep knowledge of the itamlink software and property tax management, and you will have an expert advisor able to provide advice and guidance on how best to set up your portfolio, normalize your data and get the most out of itamlink’s functionality.


itamlink is simple to use. The hallmark of a good product is that it is so easy, obvious and intuitive that new users require only limited direction.

Training for users and client administrators is instructor-led and can be done at your offices or via the web. Once your knowledge and experience has improved additional training and assistance is provided to ensure itamlink continues to meet your needs.


itamlink offers unparalleled, built-in flexibility, but no two companies share the exact same needs, concerns or business model. So, we developed a solution that ’works the way you do’.

Nevertheless, despite the flexibility, customizations are still sometimes required. These may include integrations to 3rd party applications or custom reporting.

Our development team is here to make sure that client requests are fulfilled.


itamlink is designed to be intuitive, easy-to-use and problem free. However, when questions or issues arise, our Customer Success team is available to help all day, every day.

Telephone and email support during business hours

Ongoing training and refresher sessions via web conference

Self-Help Documentation available 24/7 from our Knowledgebase