More Than Just Property Tax Management Software

itamlink is a secure, web-based, property tax and assessment management software solution for multi-property portfolios that supports the active management of real estate property assessment and taxation in today’s global economy

Budgets, Forecasts And Accruals

Develop property tax forecasts, manage budgets and calculate accruals across multiple properties, counties and jurisdictions.

Taxes And Expenses

Manage all tax-related bills (county, school, city, etc.) as well as create custom bill types for tracking of other related expenses (i.e. refunds, water, sewer, and other fees).

Assessments And Values

Supports market value, assessment ratio, phase-in and exemption tracking as well as the calculation of taxable assessment.

Appeals And Tax Savings

Manage every step of the appeal process from appeal deadlines to meetings and hearings. Provide external users with access to maintain data for specific properties for greater transparency.

Valuations (Cost, Income, Sales)

Manage, report and track details and values derived from the three approaches to value – Cost, Income and Sales.


Track and organize all relevant contacts associated with each property in a searchable and reportable format. Associate contacts with properties and parcels and filter reports by contacts.

Buildings, Tenants, And Allocations

Effectively track multiple buildings and tenants that may span different parcels and allocate taxes and values accordingly.


Track and Manage specific lease information associated with the property tax.

Gain Attainable Business Intelligence From Your Data

Data speaks volumes, and itamlink features make it easy to extract valuable and actionable intelligence from your data. itamlink features such as reports and dashboards summarize everything with informative charts and graphs. Dig deeper with powerful reporting filters, and export to HTML, PDF, CVS, XLSX, and more.

Manage Reports & Dashboard
Portfolio & File Inventories
Taxes & Expenses
Assessments & Values
Appeals & Tax Savings
Budgets, Forecasts & Accruals
Standard & Custom Reporting
Payment Processing, Workflows & Approvals