property management webinar

The Forecasting/Budgeting Survival Plan

November 27th, 2019.

12:00 pm (EDT)

Back by popular demand, we are presenting our property tax forecasting & budgeting survival plan, giving you another opportunity to ask questions and engage our experts!

Those of us who work with multi-property portfolios know that property tax budgeting season can be an especially stressful time of the year. Accessing, collating and calculating the information necessary to build accurate tax forecasts can be difficult, especially when the information is stored in disparate, siloed systems. This is particularly important because missing details or inaccurate end-of-year forecasting can hinder growth measurement and have an impact on operations for the coming year.

How can you adapt your property tax budget/forecast process to avoid the yearly pitfalls that many multi-property portfolio professionals have come to dread? Join our 30 minute webinar on November 27th as we explore how to produce dynamic property tax budgets and forecasts with increased accuracy and speed.