New Year, new values, same issues. Get a handle on your property tax assessment data in 2020.

January 29th, 2020.

12:00 pm (EST)

It’s a New Year and for most owners, occupiers and managers of multi-property portfolios that means new assessment values.  As this information comes rolling in, you might find yourself struggling with data collection, consolidation and validation. Knowing how important these values are during the appeal process and for verifying your tax payments, how can you ensure your datasets are complete and accurate? 

While the question may be simple enough, the process becomes a lot more complex when you are dealing with multiple properties, across multiple jurisdictions, in one portfolio. How do you validate and organize the numerous pieces of data coming into your organization from different sources without duplicating efforts and avoiding human error?

Tackling these issues becomes a lot easier when using the right property tax management system. Join our 20 minute webinar on January 29th to learn about the best practices for maintaining these large and complex datasets.