Best Practices for Determining, Managing and Reconciling Your Property Tax Appeals

February 28th 2019

It’s that time of the year again, the period between the New Year and spring, when most jurisdictions are sending out their value notices. As these assessments come in, you might find yourself wondering how best to determine which values to appeal.

While the question may be simple enough, the process becomes a lot more complex when you are dealing with multiple properties, across multiple jurisdictions, in one portfolio. How do you effectively sift through all your data determine which values to appeal? And, once you do decide to initiate an appeal,what is the best way to manage all the deadlines, stakeholders, advisors, savings and fees?

Tackling these issues becomes a lot easier with the right property tax management processes and systems in place. Join our 30 minute webinar on February 28th to learn about the best practices for appeal strategy and multi-property portfolio management.