Finding a scalable solution for a growing business: Vistra Energy Case Study

Vistra Energy, formerly Energy Future Holdings (EFH), is a premier Texas-based energy company focused on the competitive energy and power generation markets through operation as one of the largest retailers of electricity in the growing Texas market and the largest generator in Texas. Vistra Energy’s integrated portfolio of competitive businesses consists primarily of TXU Energy and Luminant.

Part of encouraging a successful, analysis-driven culture and maintaining a competitive edge means looking inward for process improvements and cost savings. When Vistra looked at their internally developed property tax system, they found it was creating inefficiencies that increased cost and no longer met their needs. “Our old system was creating a lot of manual work,” says Shannon Carter, Non-Income Tax Manager for Vistra, and they needed a scalable solution to their growing business.

Learn about how itamlink enabled Vistra Energy to find new cost-saving opportunities, proving to be the scalable solution they were looking for.

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