Lower real estate tax risk on your portfolio

You are running a complex real estate portfolio that extends across multiple geographic markets. How can you efficiently manage your property tax data and make sure you pay the correct taxes, on time?

itamlink is a web-based enterprise solution designed for real estate professionals that scales to the complex property tax needs of your entire real estate portfolio.

“Rethink Solutions’ itamlink met our evolving needs, integrated with our current accounting system, improved workflow, and reduced manual labor, providing us with tremendous cost savings.”

— Shannon Carter, Non-Income Tax Manager, Vistra Energy

Efficient, secure management

With itamlink’s enterprise-wide data management and analysis capabilities, you can control costs by overseeing your entire real estate portfolio, managing cash flow and ensuring your taxes are paid accurately and on time.

  • Consolidate and access all your property tax and assessment data from one powerful hub.
  • Meet your business needs by customizing fields, modules, workflows and integrations.
  • Ensure efficiency and compliance with built-in user-configured workflows you can standardize and automate.
  • Track taxes and values across multiple jurisdictions and allocate and reconcile to individual buildings and tenants.
  • Assign multiple users to share and collaborate, ensuring maximum team efficiency and full transparency and visibility.
  • Use conversions to multiple currencies, languages, units of measurement and more.
  • Easily access a secure web-based solution from anywhere with just a username and password.

Accurate, actionable intelligence

Use itamlink to obtain valuable insights that can influence business strategies and help you leverage your data to make better informed, data-backed decisions.

  • Get visibility into your real estate property tax data from a central repository.
  • Easily update data—import, export or copy data from Excel or other database applications with powerful data management tools.
  • View, manipulate and review large sets of data with easy-to-use Excel-like tools.
  • Increase speed and accuracy when tracking, reporting and analyzing data.
  • Summarize data into easy-to-digest charts and graphs using dashboards and filters.

What’s next?

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