Rethink Solutions Summit 2020 Goes Digital

Rethink Solutions Summit


Connect. Collaborate. Control.

While we won’t be getting together in person next month in Chicago, we’re excited to bring the Rethink Solutions Summit to you, no matter where you are.

This year, the Rethink Solutions Summit has gone completely digital, ensuring that the same high quality content, sessions, and networking opportunities are delivered. Whether it’s in person, or online, the content and conversations will help you transform the way you manage real estate property tax.

Here is what you can expect from Rethink Solutions Summit, on October 13th and 14th.


Summit Highlights

Inspiring and tactical content created and delivered by industry leaders and Rethink Solutions experts. Sessions are designed for itamlink users, and property tax managers.

Some topics include:

  • itamlink Connected: Exploring itamlink’s Certified Integrations 
  • Corporate Challenges: Experience Sharing in Managing Multi-Jurisdictional and Global Properties in cooperation with the International Property Tax Institute (IPTI)
  • Managing The Moving Parts of an Appeal 
  • Use of Technology to Support Internal Collaboration and Management Processes, in cooperation with the International Property Tax Institute (IPTI) 
  • Property Tax Forecasts, Budgets and Accruals Using itamlink

Connect. Collaborate. Control.

You can expect to connect and collaborate with other itamlink users in various industries such as retail, commercial, multifamily, industrial, and financial/advisory services. The informational sessions will give you the tools to better leverage itamlink to optimize your property tax management processes.

Space is limited so contact your customer success representative to reserve your spot!
Not a client and want to attend the Summit? Reach out here.