As organizations recognize the need to manage property tax information, they find utilizing itamlink is likely to generate savings through:

Data Centralization

itamlink serves as the hub for all real estate and property tax related data and information. Complete control and ownership of data is provided, thereby making information transparent and accessible to everyone, while still having the control to assign subsets of the electronic portfolio to selected staff or consultant.

Rethink Solutions
Rethink Solutions

Property Tax Mitigation and Savings Opportunities

Risk and Exposure Management

Dates and deadlines will vary across jurisdictions for tax payments, early payment discounts and appeal deadlines. Missing any of these can result in penalties, interest charges and forfeiture of appeal rights.

itamlink tracks, manages, and notifies users of relevant dates and deadlines thereby avoiding penalties and missed savings opportunities. itamlink also manages early payment dates across jurisdictions, ensuring that discounts can be leveraged.

Rethink Solutions, Property Tax Software
Rethink Solutions

Automated Data Entry

itamlink eliminates manual data entry by extracting property tax and asset information directly from tax bills, assessment notices and other relevant files and documents. Extracted data is automatically populated in itamlink resulting in significantly reduced data entry times while increasing data accuracy.

Process Efficiences

itamlink offers a vast array of efficiencies and controls. Reducing duplication, implementing better controls (Sarbanes-Oxley), plus business system integrations with existing financial, and real estate systems are possible.

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