Simplify and modernize your property tax process

You’re managing multiple properties in several locations. How can you find a modern data management solution that matches your business needs and reduces time spent on manual operations?

A centralized solution like itamlink integrates your existing systems and channels to streamline your operations, freeing your staff to focus on more meaningful tasks.

“We are able to do our activities more efficiently and that’s important. itamlink has a modern platform and is user-friendly, cutting down our time to learn the system.”

— Ken Rogers, Director of Real Estate Taxes, Duke Realty

Streamline operational efficiencies

Designed to meet the needs of real estate property tax managers, itamlink centralizes all of your relevant data so you can more effectively manage data across multi-property portfolios.

  • Improve accuracy by adopting modern technology that turns paper documents into electronically indexed and verified data.
  • Quickly update your data by, copy and pasting or importing and exporting data from Excel or other applications.
  • Improve efficiencies and eliminate manual data entry errors with automated integrations.

Easy, accessible anywhere

As a user-friendly, web-based solution, itamlink is easily accessible and can be used by all your staff securely.

  • Move from manual to modern technology with fast deployment and implementation.
  • Easily access your data—securely—from anywhere at any time.
  • Easily upload, store, organize and access all your relevant data and documents in itamlink Docs, including property and parcel information, values, taxes, allocations data from tax bills, assessment and value notices, reports and spreadsheets.
  • Increase accessibility with quick and easy sort and search functionality and by linking files from third-party applications.
  • Maximize staff adoption with an easy-to-use intuitive interface.
  • Get advice from industry experts and access support at all times.

What’s Next?

Here are some resources to help you simplify your property tax process.