Maximize Property Tax Payment Efficiency with Anybill + Rethink Solutions

Learn how payment automation can help you streamline internal AP processes, reduce the risk of missed/duplicate payments, and more.

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Session Details

Topic: Maximize property tax payment efficiency with Anybill and Rethink Solutions

Date: Thursday, March 31, 2022

Time: 2:00-2:30pm ET

This webinar is not intended for current clients of Anybill and/or Rethink Solutions. If you're currently a client, please sign up for this webinar instead.

What You'll Learn

If you're not currently a client of Rethink or Anybill but are interested in payment automation, this webinar's for you!

Today’s real estate teams are working with an ever-growing volume of property tax bills, many of which are still in paper format. Ensuring all bills have been received, manually entering them into a central database, verifying amounts, and staying on top of installments for hundreds or thousands of taxing authorities is a lot for a team to manage.

Through software integrations, property tax and accounting teams can automate the payment process, enhance security, and reduce the risk of late or missed payment deadlines.  

In this webinar, you’ll learn how payment automation can:  

  • Streamline internal AP and treasury processes,  
  • Ensure tax compliance,
  • Reduce the risk of missed or duplicate payments and expensive penalties, and
  • Manage payments from full-time or hybrid remote work environments.

Plus, we’ll show a demo of the itamlink – Anybill integration.  

Webinar Hosts

  • Gino Buenaventura, Software Implementation Specialist, Rethink Solutions
  • Jan Rosen, Executive Director, Tax Services, Anybill

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