Technology To Optimize Property Tax Management

The itamlink property tax software improves efficiency, saves time and money, and enhances decision-making by consolidating diverse records in one, powerful, web-based hub.

Monthly Webinars to Improve Your Property Tax Management

Join our monthly webinar to get great tips and tricks on how to improve your property tax management, processes and workflows…

Property Tax Management: The Importance of Property Tax Software, An IPTI Research Paper

IPTI was commissioned to investigate the importance of property tax software. IPTI’s analysis made the benefits and ROI of itamlink clear.

What is itamlink?

itamlink makes property tax and real estate asset management less complicated.

By maximizing data visibility and structuring it in a useful, consistent manner, itamlink deliver a simplified and customizable software solution to accommodate the entire property tax management lifecycle.


Our value-add continues. Your implementation team of industry experts will gain an understanding of your business needs and get you up and running quickly and efficiently.


itamlink is simple to use. The hallmark of a good product is that it is so easy, obvious and intuitive that new users require only limited direction and training.


itamlink offers unparalleled built-in flexibility but no two companies share the exact same needs, concerns or business model so we developed a solution that ‘works the way you do’.


itamlink is designed to be easy, intuitive and problem free. But when a question or issue does arise our expert staff is eager to help all day, every day.

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