itamlink Capture: industry-leading data abstraction for property tax teams

Turn paper tax bills, assessment notices, and more into searchable, editable electronic data

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Key Benefits

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Eliminate errors due to manual data entry

Capture automatically extracts property tax and assessment data directly from your tax bills and assessment notices and loads this data to itamlink to the appropriate property and parcel

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Stores a copy for your records

A copy of the scanned documents are uploaded to itamlink in PDF format and attached to the appropriate properties and parcels, so you always have a copy of the original

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Speed up workflows and decision-making

Eliminate duplication and tedious, time-intensive tasks, like manually entering and reviewing data for errors

Why Capture?

Most property tax teams receive most of their tax documents, including tax bills and assessment notices, in paper format. Manually inputting this data can quickly become expensive, both when it comes to resource management and risk mitigation. ​Manual data entry eats into specialized employees’ time. Finding and correcting errors is a costly process. If they aren’t caught, it can lead to inaccuracies in internal projections or noted dates and deadlines, which can put companies at risk of incurring penalties. ​itamlink Capture abstracts the information you need from paper tax documents and converts it into searchable, editable electronic data. Our fully integrated data abstraction tool makes it easy to associate electronic data and a PDF copy with the relevant properties and parcels, all within itamlink.


See itamlink's Capture in action

Simply scan paper tax documents individually or in batches and Capture will abstract the relevant information for you. Then, easily associate them with the correct property or parcel. You’ll also receive notifications in itamlink and via email tax bills are processing and when an upload is complete.

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Learn how itamlink can help you save time and reduce risk

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