Rethink Property Tax Automation

Automate Data Input and Workflows - Maximize Efficiency, Minimize Errors.

Using data and automated workflows, the itamlink platform is designed to maximize efficiency and accuracy, control costs and help identify opportunities for property tax savings. In an increasingly complex and technology driven world, automating manual functions is necessary to maintain a competitive advantage.

Payment Automation

Easily collaborate with finance teams while automating your payment tracking and workflows. With itamlink you can set triggers within the system that automatically imports or exports payment information and can send reporting and analytics to different systems including accounts payable, payment systems and general ledger systems.

Automated Notifications and Reports

Create custom cadences for notifications in itamlink on the data points that are important to you and your organization. Get insights straight from our system to your inbox as itamlink sends you charts and reports on the information that matters to you most.

Workflow Automation

Automate your workflows with itamlink. Simplify your budgeting and forecasting with automatic calculations. You can also generate accruals with the click of a button then automatically export that information to your accounting team.

Process Over 10x the Amount of Information in the Same Amount of Time!


itamlink Capture

Turn paper documents into electronic data that is automatically indexed, verified and entered directly into itamlink. Eliminate data input errors with itamlink Capture. itamlink Capture puts an end to manual data entry by automatically extracting property tax data and asset information directly from your tax bills and assessment notices. All the extracted data is then seamlessly populated into itamlink’s modules where it gets validated before triggering your subsequent workflows. In addition to automated data entry, electronic copies of the original documents are also uploaded to itamlink Docs and linked to their respective properties and parcels.

Process Over 10x the Amount of Information in
the Same Amount of Time!

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