Rethink Data Input

Turn paper documents into electronic data that is automatically indexed, verified
and entered directly into itamlink with Capture.

Maximize Efficiency and Accuracy. Eliminate Data Input Errors.

Eliminate data input errors with itamlink Capture. itamlink Capture puts an end to manual data entry by automatically extracting property tax data and asset information directly from your tax bills and assessment notices. All the extracted data is then seamlessly populated into itamlink’s modules where it gets validated before triggering your subsequent workflows. In addition to automated data entry, electronic copies of the original documents are also uploaded to itamlink Docs and linked to their respective properties and parcels.

Streamline Processes. Increase Productivity.

Our research shows that by significantly automating manual data entry, users can process over 10x the information in the same amount of time. By increasing productivity and eliminating the need to file and retrieve paper-based documents, your resources can be focused on value-add property tax management responsibilities and strategy.

Reduce Data Entry. Minimize Cost.

itamlink Capture, used in combination with the other itamlink modules and functionality, enhances the overall tax payment process and the other aspects of the property tax management life cycle. In an increasingly complex and technology driven business world, automating previously manual functions is necessary in maintaining a cost-conscious competitive advantage.

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