Rethink Data Centralization

Organizations usually have a number of siloed process in place to collect, store, retrieve and analyze data,
even though proper accessibility to property tax data across an organization is extremely important. Real-
time access to accurate data is imperative, across multiple departments, to help determine future
budgets and forecasts, tax payments, appeals...etc..

Breakdown Silos

itamlink enables full, permissions-based visibility to stakeholders, including consultants and attorneys, when appealing properties across multiple jurisdictions. With centralized data and controlled user access, you gain greater transparency by giving partners and stakeholders access to maintain data for specific properties.

Centralize Processes and Automate Workflows

With itamlink as the system of record for all property tax data, your organization can centralize processes and automate workflows. Set triggers within itamlink that automatically import or export data to different systems including accounts payable and general ledger systems. These automated workflows enable collaboration as data can be shared and updated in real time across different departments and teams, both externally and internally.

Do More with the Data Manager

Our Data Manager tool is central repository for all property tax data that helps reduce manual processes and data duplication.

With thousands of data points associated with each parcel or property, manually inputting the same basic property information from one year to a next is not very effective. With Data Manager you can automatically roll over data from a source year to a target year, and maintain all relevant information, to reduce data entry and avoid data recreation. To top it off, you can use the Data Manager to export mass amounts of information to manipulate or store in external systems as required.

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