Rethink Integrations

Your business needs to be efficient in order to grow. To help make this possible, Rethink Solutions, though its itamlink property tax software, has developed easy integrations with some of the leading ERP, financial, payment and property management software solutions, data providers/aggregators, and middlewares.

Breakdown Silos with Connected Systems

Accessibility to property tax data across an organization is extremely important. Historical data that feeds directly into other systems, such as Enterprise Resource Planning software, will help determine future budgets and forecasts, tax payments, appeals...etc.

This is where using a collaborative, data management software that gives you the flexibility to import, export, manipulate and analyze your own data can be incredibly valuable. With itamlink your data will integrate with other systems across the entire organization in real time. Different permission levels can be set for all parties involved in the process, both internally and externally, including for your third party service providers which effectively serves to break down organizational silos.

How Property Tax Data Should Flow

System of Record or Data Receiver

Most organizations use multiple tools and interchange data between them, but organizations must pick a system of record for each key piece of their workflow. itamlink can be configured as both a System of Record and a Data Receiver. What this means is that itamlink can act as the central hub for all your property tax data like parcel, tax, assessment and property tax budget/accrual information, as well as generate reports and data analytics and send information to external systems as needed. Otherwise, if an organization already has a system of record in use, itamlink can be used as a data receiver to send and receive specific information to and from other external systems and run reports.

Endless, Custom Integrations

We understand that no two companies share the exact same needs, concerns or business model, which is why we built itamlink to offer unparalleled, built-in flexibility. The itamlink platform is a solution that fits any property tax strategy in all jurisdictions. Not only that, we also offer countless custom integrations, with a team of expert developers on site, we can build and support almost any type of custom integration to support your specific business needs.

We have integrated with countless real estate and accounting softwares, ERP systems and data providers. Rethink Solutions is also an official integration partner with MRI Software. Common Integration Points Include:

    • Property Tax and Expense Payments
    • Vendors
    • Budgets and Accruals (financial period activity, liabilities, and balances)
    • Property details
    • Invoices (invoice data transfer)

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