Rethink Parcel Data

Parcel Data at Your Fingertips with itamlink’s Parcel Overlay

Get Parcel Data From Outside of Your Portfolio

View parcel boundaries directly with in itamlink maps. With the Parcel Overlay tool, not only does your team get access to a visual representation of your own portfolio boundaries, but it also provides access to data about properties and parcels outside of your portfolio. When clicking on a specific parcel, the map will display additional parcel data like parcel numbers, sales data and market values, regardless of ownership.

Enable Research and Strategic Decision Making

The Parcel Overlay add-on is especially beneficial as it enables strategic decision making that aids in research and planning for future investments. It allows clients to easily explore details, like most recent sale price and values, for target parcels. The Parcel Overlay feature also assists in appeal determination by giving your team a method of researching values outside of your specific portfolio. You can keep an eye on neighbouring properties or similar parcels across a jurisdiction to monitor and compare values.

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