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Trusted by the world’s best-known corporations

itamlink is the purpose-built software for multi-property portfolios trusted by corporations around the world:  

  • Consolidates your property tax and related data
  • Automates workflows using artificial intelligence
  • Customizable for business across industries  
  • Integrates easily with your existing AP and ERP systems
  • Facilitates decision-making with built-in, easy-to-use business intelligence and reporting tools
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Centralize property tax data in a single location

Improve team collaboration and maintain data integrity with all of your data in one secure, web-based location.

Automate processes with configurable integrations

Reduce duplicated efforts and free up time with integrations to leading ERP, financial, and property management software.

Analyze performance with reports and dashboards

Review year-over-year trends, compare within jurisdictions, and identify opportunities with configurable standard and custom reports.

Manage real and personal property taxes and expenses

Analyze assessments and determine appeal opportunities

Manage appeal dates and deadlines, plus track tax savings

Develop tax forecasts, manage budgets, and calculate accruals

View trends and insights with reports and dashboards

Store electronic and scanned PDF documents in a central location

Learn how itamlink can help you save time and reduce risk

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