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Choosing Property Tax Software:
A Q&A With PetSmart

Choosing the right property tax software is an important undertaking
for many organizations. Already burdened with inefficient processes
and outdated, patchwork solutions, tax professionals want to be sure
they are investing in a product that will truly solve their property tax
management problems. While each organization has their own unique
priorities, the need for a smooth transition, excellent customer service
and a software that truly works is common across the board. But, with
so many variables, how do you know you’re choosing the right property
tax software for your organization’s needs?

In order to answer that question, we sat down for a Q&A with Byron
Ayle, the Senior Director of Real Estate Administration at PetSmart, as
he shared his experience with searching for, finding and using itamlink
property tax software. With over 1,600 stores in the US and Canada
PetSmart found that their greatest challenge was being able to
visualize and review all their data together in one interface. Missing
that centralized data tool drove them to search, and find, the itamlink
property tax management solution.

Read more about PetSmart’s experience with itamlink and how they
handle a multi-property portfolio.

Becoming More Efficient:
Duke Realty Case Study

“Real estate taxes are the single largest operating expense for most real estate property companies,” says Ken Rogers. As Director of Real Estate Taxes at Duke Realty, Ken oversees the real estate tax function for the company. From ensuring timely payment of all tax bills to reviewing and appealing property tax assessments, he must find ways to reduce time spent on low value tasks and improve efficiency in his department. On top of that, managing real estate tax “becomes a key issue when you are leasing space to tenants.” The organization needed to find a way to manage “low-value tasks in an efficient, cost-effective way,” and empower staff to spend more time on higher value tasks within the business. Discover how Duke Realty managed to remove the most tiresome parts of the tax management process with itamlink.

Finding a scalable solution for a growing business: Vistra Energy Case Study

Vistra Energy, formerly Energy Future Holdings (EFH), is a premier Texas-based energy company focused on the competitive energy and power generation markets through operation as one of the largest retailers of electricity in the growing Texas market and the largest generator in Texas. Vistra Energy’s integrated portfolio of competitive businesses consists primarily of TXU Energy and Luminant. Part of encouraging a successful, analysis-driven culture and maintaining a competitive edge means looking inward for process improvements and cost savings. When Vistra looked at their internally developed property tax system, they found it was creating inefficiencies that increased cost and no longer met their needs. “Our old system was creating a lot of manual work,” says Shannon Carter, Non-Income Tax Manager for Vistra, and they needed a scalable solution to their growing business. Learn about how itamlink enabled Vistra Energy to find new cost-saving opportunities, proving to be the scalable solution they were looking for.

Overcoming Data Challenges:
Forest City Case Study

Founded in 1920 and based in Cleveland, Ohio, Forest City’s diverse portfolio includes hundreds of premier properties spread throughout the United States. “Real estate tax is one of the largest operating expenses for investment real estate,” says Richard Morehouse (Rich), Real Estate Tax Manager for Forest City. “It not only makes an impact on operating costs for us, but also for tenants and other third parties.” In 2010, they set off to solve some of the property tax management challenges they were facing. Some of challenges included inadequate software systems, difficulty organizing property tax data and the inability to centralize access for staff members to tax and assessment information, reports and approvals. As a result, Forest City set out to build business intelligence into their processes. Explore Forest City’s journey to an intuitive data structure through itamlink.

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