Rethink Data Management

When you are dealing with multiple properties, across multiple jurisdictions, in one portfolio, data entry can be a hugely daunting and tedious task. This is why we have built a system of support to help your team enter and organize all your property tax data.

Data Management Services

Most companies with multi-property portfolios collect massive amounts of data throughout the year. All this information can be difficult to manage, store and categorize in a way that is then easy to retrieve and analyze. As a result, we offer data management services to our clients to help facilitate the data entry process during high volume periods throughout the year. Our team of specialists is able to take on your organizations’ data entry needs completely as an add on service.

Data Management Tools

Our data management tools also help reduce the strain on your team by automating some of your most tedious manual processes. By using our Data Manager tool to manipulate large quantities of data at once you can significantly decrease the amount of time spent manually inputting information. This tool allows you update thousands of  properties at once with the click of a button. Our Capture tool also enhances the overall tax payment process by extracting property tax data and asset information from paper tax bills and assessment notices and inputting the information directly into the system. This tool reduces data input errors and cuts down tedious manual processes by removing the manual process of keying in information from individual documents one at a time.

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