At Odds with a Post-COVID Property Valuation that Seems High? There’s a Reason.

Understand the connection points between the pandemic, commercial real estate values, and property tax. Boost your effectiveness.

The disconnect between assessments and market conditions is jarring. Untangle the uncertainty with this webinar.

Join us for The Pandemic’s Impact on Corporate Real Estate, including the introduction of a new industry metric to gain key insight on changing occupancy patterns.

With the pandemic in most of our rear windows, assessment uncertainty has been left in its wake. Not understanding the connection points might leave you exposed, as you may not be maximizing the operational and financial dimensions of your portfolio.

Viewing this recording will enable you to:

  • Gain a rational and reasoned viewpoint on current market trends
  • Understand all the connection points resulting in current uncertainty
  • Assemble logical building blocks for mounting appeals
  • Gain a balanced perspective on pending property tax obligations
  • Apply an entirely new metric to the way in which you analyze property values


As an engaged property tax professional, it’s important to take a holistic view of the property tax landscape when formulating strategy. The valuation landscape has been chaotic since the pandemic. View this webinar, connect the pieces, and boost your knowledge.

Our lead content strategist is one of the guests of this session and has spent the past 20+ years studying how remote work has been influenced by disruptive events. In addition, he has been published in several prominent journals about this topic. itamlink by Rethink Solutions is the best property tax management software for large real estate portfolios. Make your plans for an engaged session.

You play an important role in your organization, so it’s important to understand as many components of the prevailing landscape as possible, to ensure the precision of the appeals you make. These learnings will significantly contribute to sharpening your focus.

To assure each attendee can engage with the webinar, we have limited the number of open registrations. Be sure to register before the session fills up.   

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Event Details

Webinar Title

The Leading Process for Managing Property Tax Appeals

(and its connection to property tax)

November 1, 2023

Multiple Sessions Available

Free Virtual Session - Custom link provided upon registration.

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