itamlink Accruals on Steroids - See What You're Missing

The ever-popular Accruals Module but now with improved navigation, workflows, and user experience.

We’ve redesigned our accruals module to improve navigation, streamline workflows, and optimize user experience. Make the most of the new functionality with our 30-minute training session for clients.

Join Solutions Engineer Gino Buenaventura for an introduction to the updated Accruals module. In this session, you’ll learn what’s new and how to use the updated functionality, including:

  • The updated Accrual Adjustments panel and how to view past adjustments
  • How to add or subtract refunds to calculate the accrued liability balance
  • Changes to the accrual finalization workflow

This session will be recorded, so if you can’t make it, we’ll send you the on-demand webinar.

Event Details

Webinar Title

Introduction to the New Accruals Module: Client Training Session

April 21, 2022

12:30 PM ET

Virtual Session

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For questions or to register by phone, contact us at 1.877.454.ITAM (4826)

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