What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

Protect your investments and reputation with real-time visibility across your property tax appeals journey.

Property tax appeals keep people up at night because any mistake can be an expensive one.

On April 5th at 12:30 PM ET, join us to learn The Leading Process for Managing Property Tax Appeals. Unintended and small mistakes in the appeals process—like missing a deadline—can undermine your end goals. We believe there’s an obvious solution.  

Right now, could you tell me which of your appeals require action this week? What if I wanted a snapshot of progress for every appeal in your portfolio? Would you have to wade through a sea of data, deadlines, and documents before you could give me an answer?

Without reliable visibility, you can’t optimally…

  • Deliver on every deadline & critical request
  • Stay in sync with your team (e.g. consultants, attorneys, etc.)  
  • Accurately track progress or create reports in real time.

It’s not reasonable to compromise vital steps that can affect your bottom line—especially when these missteps are wholly avoidable. When it comes to property taxes, the old saying may have been wrong… maybe what you don’t know can hurt you. But what if you could eliminate this challenge altogether….

To unlock the industry’s best process for managing appeals:

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When you attend on Apr 5th you’ll learn how to: 

  • Keep on top of tasks, timelines, and communications
  • Report on performance across your entire portfolio
  • Execute an optimal appeals management workflow

We’ll show you how all of this is made possible by one easy-to-implement solution many of your peers are already using.

This event is for you if you are …

  • Managing appeals in-house or with a team of consultants
  • Accountable for appeal outcomes & overall portfolio value
  • A decision-maker who knows better processes will improve your bottom line.

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What we’ll show you in the webinar is not theoretical. In fact, this solution has been used by leading REITs, big box retailers, industrial brands, and more, for over a decade. And, it’s within your reach too.  

Whether you use a dedicated software solution or not, you deserve an appeals process you can execute with confidence. We’ll show you precisely what your process must include, with or without software.  

To ensure every attendee has a chance to participate at this webinar, we have limited the number of registrations. Reserve your seat before it's too late. 

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Event Details

Webinar Title

The Leading Process for Managing Property Tax Appeals

April 5, 2023

12:30PM - 1:00PM ET

Q&A at 1:00PM ET

Free Virtual Session - Custom link provided upon registration.

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For questions or to register by phone, contact us at 1.877.454.ITAM (4826)

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