To Avoid a Reactive 2023 Property Tax Year, It’s Now or Never

Right NOW, you’re uniquely positioned to spare yourself, team & company the pains of repeating 2022’s #PropertyTaxRegrets.

Feeling uneasy about reactive property tax management practices in 2022? You should and you’re not alone. There’s a new way and your investors will thank you.

On January 25th at 12:30 PM ET, we invite you to Make "Proactive Property Tax Management" Your New Year’s Resolution. This webinar focuses on your future as a property tax professional—one who is empowered to excel in an industry traditionally playing a reactive game of catch up.

Whether or not your fiscal year closed in December, you know the scramble and uncertainty of #PropertyTaxYearEnd. It was all good and well when you were managing a fistful of bills, but with bigger real estate portfolios come bigger responsibilities. You can only hope you paid all your bills on time, identified the ideal appeal opportunities, and reconciled and reported accurate and audit-proof financials.  

To start 2023 off on the right foot, Register now.

Attend this live event to learn how the best in the industry:

  • Proactively avoid penalties with well-managed property tax data
  • Proactively use data to identify strategic appeal opportunities
  • Proactively automate traditionally inaccurate, error-prone processes

This January is your chance to make this the year it all changes for the better. Secure your seat today!

In today’s economy, having an optimized property tax function is more vital than ever. With 75% of CRE executives admitting that their property tax management is reactive*, there couldn’t be a more critical time for your team to take a strategic role that protects your bottom line.

Register now.

This event is for Property Tax Professionals who …

  • Need a better way to manage PropTax documents & To Dos
  • Prefer to continuously improve vs. waste money on penalties
  • Want to spearhead high-value, proactive & strategic #PropTaxMgmt

To ensure every attendee has a chance to participate at this webinar, we have limited the number of registrations available. Reserve your seat before it's too late.   

Your time is now! Register Today!

* "While proactive management of taxes can add significant value to operations and investments, 75% of CRE executives describe their property tax management as reactive.” (Source: Tax as the New Strategic Driver, 2021, Altus Group.)

Event Details

Webinar Title

Make "Proactive Property Tax Management" Your New Year’s Resolution

January 25, 2023

12:30PM - 1:00PM ET

Q&A at 1:00PM ET

Free Virtual Session - Custom link provided upon registration.

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For questions or to register by phone, contact us at 1.877.454.ITAM (4826)

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