MRI Users: Avoid the Risks of Duplication

Unleash the true potential of your property tax data and protect against vulnerabilities with one turn-key integration.

If you’re committed to making the most of your MRI investment, we’ve got a webinar built for you.

On Sept 28th at 12:30 PM ET, join us for Integrating MRI and itamlink for Single-Truth Payments Data, a webinar that is hyper-focused on the risks of isolated data and the benefits of data synchronicity for MRI users.  

We see property tax experts sacrificing countless hours to manage their property tax payment process. They re-key information from one spreadsheet to a payment platform, and back again. They chase various stakeholders to secure payment approvals. Each manual entry opens another opportunity for human error to taint their records. No matter how much time and effort are spent to ensure values are correct, it’s never enough to stop missed deadlines, penalties, and duplicate payments. There is a better way...

Register now to see how other MRI users avoid these risks.

When you attend this live webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The risks in typical property tax payment processes
  • The benefits of integrating data using the right software
  • How easy it is for you to set up, automate & optimize

This event is built for you if you…

  • Currently use MRI today or plan to in the future.  
  • Value having accurate property tax data business wide.

Secure your seat today! 

At Rethink Solutions, we understand the pains of processing property tax payments efficiently and accurately, even when you have a quality tool like MRI. We also know how to address these challenges and are passionate about helping.

You deserve the peace of mind that comes with world-class automations, accurate actionable data, and one source of truth for all your property tax data.  

To ensure that every attendee has a chance to ask questions at this event, we are limiting the number of seats available. Confirm your registration before this event hits capacity. Don’t wait to claim your seat!


Event Details

Webinar Title

Integrating MRI & itamlink For Single-Truth Payments Data

September 28, 2022

12:30 PM ET

Virtual Session

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For questions or to register by phone, contact us at 1.877.454.ITAM (4826

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