The Importance of Property Tax Software

We partnered with IPTI (the International Property Tax Institute) to understand how property tax managers deal with property tax liabilities, and how modern technology supports their processes.

In this white paper, we explore:

  • An overview of recent research pertaining to how organizations that employ property tax management strategies can mitigate risk and optimize portfolio value
  • The main challenges faced by property tax managers before implementing a dedicated software solution
  • The return on investment corporations experience when employing software and a proactive property tax management strategy

To learn more about how software can help optimize a property tax management strategy, request the white paper, The Importance of Property Tax Software.

Why we wrote this

Corporations managing global or multi-jurisdictional real estate property portfolios face significant challenges. Given the considerable amount of data to collect and analyze, strict payment and appeal deadlines, and varying legislation and regulations between jurisdictions, technology is clearly an important component of effective management.  

The right software solution can help organizations proactively manage their portfolio, understand and respond to complex multi-jurisdictional responsibilities, and quickly and reliably centralize their data.

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