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June 9, 2021

Celebrating 20 Years of PropTech Innovation with a new Website and Brand Vision

To commemorate 20 years in proptech innovation, we’ve modernized our visual styles, refreshed our color palette, and made our website more accessible

To celebrate our 20-year anniversary - and 20 years of PropTech innovation - we decided to refresh our brand with a new look and feel. Part of this redesign included a new website. We’re excited to share the update with you, and how the changes capture how proptech and company has changed in two decades.  

A modernized layout and illustration style  

Much like fashion, visual design is always changing. While these changes are subtle year over year, they become significant when compounded over a decade. Over time, designers and developers make incremental changes to visual styles that impact our broad expectations and preferences on the web. Visual components that are being regularly iterated on include:

  • The amount of text on a page
  • The shade and number of distinct colors used on any one page
  • Graphic styles, such as stock photography or vector-based illustrations

As part of our redesign, we revisited Rethink's visual styles across our website and made several key changes. This included a reduction in the amount of text on each page, instead leveraging visuals to communicate features, benefits, and value to viewers. We also decided to soften our illustrations, moving from a style that was more popular in the 2010s to something more current.  

Lastly, we reduced the number of colors being used on any one page, instead relying on key primary and accent colors. Together, our goal was for these changes to lend to an increasingly professional, cohesive feel.  

A more accessible color palette

In the early days of the web, bright colors were everywhere. The first websites were generous in their use of bright oranges, neon pinks, and fire-hydrant reds, particularly when it came to buttons and other calls-to-action.  

As the internet has moved from a foreign technology to a relatively commonplace one, excessive use of bright colors has largely tapered off. Part of this was a natural evolution in our visual tastes; a larger component was our growing understanding of web accessibility.  

As such, a key component of our redesign was the development of a more accessible color palette. We carefully selected colors – both individually and in combinations – that were not just suitable from an accessibility standpoint, but exceeded compliance standards. We're proud of the careful consideration and steps we've taken to ensure all people can access and use our website.  

a before and after of our color palette, showing accessible blues and purples replacing bright orange and blue

Streamlined navigation

In 20 years, we've considerably expanded the breadth of products, services, events, and resources we provide. As we expanded our offerings, we needed somewhere to house and showcase them on our website.  

In our redesign, we felt that there was an opportunity to consolidate information on our site, and structure them in a way that felt intuitive.  

Features, plans, add-ons, and integrations can now be found nested under their own Features tab, improving navigation between items. What's more, we've made it easier to search for content you're looking for on our blog.  

All posts are now sorted by one of the following categories:

  • Property Tax Management Tips: Advice and best practices from our team of property tax management experts
  • Technology and Trends: Leveraging technology to optimize your processes
  • Industry News: News and updates in PropTech/CRETech innovation
  • Company Updates: New itamlink features, products, and major announcements
  • Resources: eBooks, guides, and other downloadable content

You can easily sort the blog by these categories, or simply scroll through the pages to find content you're interested in.

Thank you for 20 years!

While we continue to work to streamline the end-to-end property tax management process, we're proud to showcase our new visual style. Our website encapsulates our new mission and our desire to improve the day-to-day activities for as many customers as possible.  

As always, we would love to hear your thoughts and feedback: you can contact us anytime with your comments. And of course, a big thank you to everyone who has supported us through this journey.

We’re looking forward to the next 20 years! 

rethink office workers celebrating 20 year anniversary with a trophy

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