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March 30, 2022

Introducing the new itamlink Property Tax API

Learn why our public-facing API provides a secure solution for streamlining data sharing and communication, and how you can use the API to improve collaboration and decision-making.

We’re excited to officially announce the launch of our public-facing itamlink property tax API, a flexible, secure solution for streamlining data sharing and communication. Using the API, our customers will be able to leverage proprietary business intelligence, reduce data inconsistencies, and simplify information exchange. By enabling the development of customizable workflows and secure integrations with external applications, microservices, and systems, our API paves the way for improved collaboration and decision-making.

While this sounds exciting in theory, we know property tax professionals may not be familiar with APIs and why they’re so useful. In this post, we want to break down what an API is, how it works, and the benefits your team can realize through our new property tax API.

a screenshot of the public-facing itamlink property tax api
Screenshot of itamlink OpenAPI Page

Learn how the itamlink API can help your team streamline property tax data sharing and collaboration. Book your free demo.

What is an API?

An API (application programming interface) is a software intermediary that allows two applications to “talk” to each other. Through the API, two applications – like your ERP system and property tax software – can exchange data with one another using pre-determined rules around how that data is exchanged.  

With a public-facing API like our new itamlink solution, IT teams can connect custom-built and third-party applications to your property tax database. This makes data sharing faster and easier and can enhance property tax data in the process. For instance, by connecting itamlink with your business analytics engine, you can add additional insights to data before feeding it back into itamlink.  

a property tax API feeds data from itamlink into accounting and analytics engines
itamlink, Accounting, and Internal Analytics connecting via the API

Essentially, APIs make it possible for programs to interact with each other programmatically. This is important because programs can (and often are) written in different languages – so the API provides a way for distinct programs to overcome their “language barrier.”  

How the new itamlink API will help you foster an open technology culture

Our API offers a secure means of connecting itamlink with your internal and third-party systems and services.  While the use cases for the API are broad, there are a few that we think our customers will find of particular interest.  

Uncovering insights by leveraging internal business intelligence tools

itamlink already offers extensive reporting options and dashboards to visualize data. However, many customers may want to bolster their property tax data with additional company insights, or leverage their own powerful, custom-built analytics engines. Through the API, your IT team can connect itamlink to business intelligence tools. From there, you can run analytics on your property tax data, pull out key insights that would otherwise be invisible, then push that data back into itamlink (or even other systems).  

The itamlink property tax API helps you uncover insights by connecting to internal business intelligence tools
Connected business tools sharing data

Streamlined data sharing between teams and departments

Especially for large and distributed teams, how to securely share data between teams, departments, and third-party consultants and advisors is a constant consideration. While out-of-the-box integrations can help, it may not be possible to connect all systems this way.

Our new property tax API enables your IT team to connect custom-built and third-party software solutions to itamlink. This means data can flow in an automated fashion, rather than manually passing data back and forth through printouts or email. For instance, you can set up an integration that feeds property tax data into your general ledger, rather than emailing Excel files to your accounting department. Connecting systems in this way can speed up workflows and reduce the likelihood of errors by eliminating manual re-keying.

the itamlink property tax api connects with your CRM, BI tools, accounting, and more
itamlink API sharing data with other teams/departments

APIs help you maintain organizational standards of security

When you begin using the itamlink API, your property tax data remains robust and secure. Not only have we built and maintained our API per our rigorous security standards, but your IT team also has the power to configure and manage the API. This means your existing security policies and standards can be adhered to.

How the itamlink API can help you transform property tax management and accelerate innovation

We’re excited about the launch of our new itamlink property tax API. With the ability to customize and personalize your property tax data management, the itamlink API offers our clients a leading edge. Not only does it enable business capabilities by leveraging proprietary insights, analytics and business intelligence, but also provides a secure way of sharing property tax data between teams and departments. We know that, by enabling data visibility across your organization, our API can help your engineering and IT teams accelerate innovation and foster a technology culture.  

Get started with the itamlink property tax API: Book a free demo today.

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