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May 31, 2022

Altus Acquisition: A Message From the President...

Rethink President, Mordechai Katzman, shares his thoughts on Rethink Solutions Inc.'s recent acquisition by Altus Group, a well-known and leading provider of technology, analytics, and expert services for the global commercial real estate industry.

As the co-founder and President of Rethink Solutions Inc., I am pleased to share that Rethink Solutions has recently been acquired by Altus Group, a well-known and leading provider of technology, analytics, and expert services for the global commercial real estate (CRE) industry.  

I want to use this opportunity to share my thoughts about the acquisition, the path going forward, and what this means for our team, our clients and the industry as a whole.

Progress through Acquisition

I believe I speak for the entire Rethink family when I say this is a groundbreaking development. This relationship will enhance how we add value to our respected clients, as well as how we learn and grow internally as individuals and as a team. Most importantly, however, being a part of Altus will benefit our innovative flagship product—itamlink—and the clients and communities it serves. More on that in a moment.

Why Altus Group?

I trust that many of you are already familiar with Altus Group, a publicly traded company that happens—like Rethink Solutions—to be headquartered in Toronto.  

For those less familiar, Altus provides the global commercial real estate industry with vital intelligence solutions by leveraging technology, data and professional expertise for the valuation, performance, and risk management of CRE assets. Their industry-leading suite of SaaS technology (including ARGUS Enterprise) and solutions serve customers across the CRE value chain. Altus works with Investors, Operators, Brokers, Lenders, Valuers, and public sector entities around the world, and employs approximately 2600 employees across North America, EMEA and Asia Pacific.

As we contemplated the prospect of acquisition, finding the right fit was an important consideration for us both. The strong synergies between Rethink Solutions and Altus Group include complementary technology offerings, commitment to superior client service, and high-performing, value-aligned cultures. Our shared values extend to our mutual dedication to building innovative CRETech and PropTech solutions.  

Beyond technologies, internal operations, and workplace culture, we knew finding “the right fit” would be critical for our clients as well. Having gotten to know the Altus team over the last while, I am confident we found a solid match.

The single most validating consideration is that this acquisition positions Rethink Solutions to offer new and improved value to our clients, Altus clients, and the industry as a whole.  

Modernizing Property Tax Management

Rethink and itamlink have been and remain uniquely positioned in the CRETech and PropTech markets. We have been laser-focused on innovating our property tax management solution, as well as existing and future add-ons, integrations and more.

With Altus’ backing, we’re poised to accelerate our mission to modernize property tax management to help owners and occupiers of multi-property portfolios effectively manage one of their largest operating expenses—real estate property taxes.

Our itamlink software is a comprehensive solution that manages every aspect of the property tax lifecycle, including property tax assessment, appeals, payments,  forecasts/budgets and accruals. With itamlink Capture, we’ve made it possible to easily and accurately convert paper property tax documents into electronic data. With our newly released itamlink API and our qualified integrations to connect with the leading real estate AP/ERP software providers—including MRI, Yardi, Nexus, AnyBill and more— the property tax payment process is now more efficient than ever.

Since 2001, there has been a lot of amazing work done by the Rethink team. Our commitment to innovations in CRE property tax management has led to itamlink being a standout solution without equal on the market today. Working within the Altus family means we have a powerful engine supporting our growth, enabling us to reach more clients, deliver more value, and continue to innovate better and faster than ever before.

What You Can Expect Going Forward

As we embark on this exciting new chapter in our history, we’re excited to work in partnership with Altus while continuing to operate independently so rest assured that it will be business as usual. Our senior management and I will continue to lead our team and would like to assure you that there will be no disruption to our operations. It is our highest priority to continue the important business relationships we have established with our clients and to continue to provide leading-edge technology solutions and outstanding client service.

Data security and confidentiality continue to be one of our highest priorities and you can count on us to maintain the integrity of your data. Specifically, confidentiality obligations and agreements that prohibit us from sharing your confidential information with Altus or other third parties remain in effect.


I would like to thank our entire team for all their hard work and dedication. I am extremely proud of what we have built over the last two decades, and I know that the success of this company is thanks to all of them.  

I would also like to extend a thank you to the leadership team at Altus, with whom I have been working closely, for your open-mindedness and vision. I have no doubt that we will drive each other to an even better future than we could have achieved alone. I look forward to seeing what we will build and how the industry will grow as a result of our joint efforts.

Finally, to our clients, friends, and all those sharing in our journey, in whatever shape or form, thank you too. Should you have any questions about this announcement or any of our offerings, please do not hesitate to reach out. Our team, including myself and our dedicated Customer Success and Solutions Advisors, are standing by to help.

We’re On a Mission

Altus’ acquisition of Rethink Solutions is a significant announcement. While I know we all perceive change differently, for me this is without a doubt an ideal and important next step in our mission.  

Our mission has been 20 years in the making—to modernize property tax management and help owners and occupiers of multi-property portfolios effectively manage one of their largest operating expenses—property taxes. While to a large extent I believe we have achieved our goals, we have new and lofty objectives that Altus can help us attain. This includes building a more inclusive and collaborative environment where owners, occupiers, consultants, attorneys, and others involved in the property tax process can work together on the same platform.  

I am proud to play a role in building a stronger CRE industry. I am optimistic about how Altus amplifies the value Rethink can bring. And, I remain the committed, in-the-trenches leader on this mission that I have always been.

I look forward to seeing where this new partnership will take us and to continuing to disrupt the CRE tech world.



Mordechai Katzman
President, Rethink Solutions  

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