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March 9, 2021

Introducing itamlink Enterprise

Enhanced organizational security, IT controls, and workflow automation tools

If you’re part of a property tax, finance, or IT department, you know that ensuring the security and integrity of your data is critical.
You also know that, as well-intentioned as we all are, sometimes our security processes can slow us down. If you’re a resource-strapped team, time-consuming tasks – like assigning user access to applications one by one or manually resetting various passwords – significantly impacts your team’s ability to identify opportunities within your real estate portfolio and make strategic business decisions.

We knew there must be a better way for property tax teams to maintain robust security without impinging on efficiency. That’s why we launched itamlink Enterprise: to enhance security and auditability without adding to your to-do list, while also providing workflow automation tools to streamline your processes.

Interested in learning more about our itamlink plans? Check out our Plans page.

Increased security and a better user experience with SSO (Single Sign On)

Relying on decentralized processes to manage user access can introduce risk into employee onboarding and offboarding, not to mention slow down workflows. For employees, having to remember (and regularly update) countless passwords is a pain, and resetting passwords is often a time-intensive, tedious process for them and IT departments alike. Particularly for users logging into itamlink once or multiple times a day, these types of unintended disruptions can lead to project delays and reduce efficiency.

itamlink Enterprise comes equipped with SSO, which allows administrators to manage user access to all applications from one spot. It also enables one-click access to applications, saving users and IT departments the headache of remembering and manually resetting multiple passwords. Fewer calls and emails to IT means time and money saved, and user accounts are easier for administrators to manage.

SSO centralized access computer showing sign in security credentials

Enhanced IT controls through user roles, field-level permissions, and a user admin API

Passwords and sign-in issues aren’t the only area adding to your team’s to-do list or putting pressure on IT. For organizations managing multi-property portfolios, there’s a long list of compliance and efficiency considerations to consider. Who has access to what data? Who can edit that data? How do you quickly and accurately update multiple properties or parcels? Better yet, can these processes be automated altogether?

With itamlink Enterprise, we developed a number of new features, including workflow automation tools to streamline business operations and maintain data integrity while providing more robust IT controls. Administrators can now create and assign user roles rather than configuring user access individually, and assign field-level permissions to protect critical fields. The user admin API also allows IT to manage user access without having to log in to itamlink, making it easy to deactivate accounts and view and download user lists.

updated enhanced security controls computer IT people secure

Boost efficiency with configurable property webhooks, bulk-delete, and workflow automation tools

With a multi-jurisdictional portfolio, it’s challenging enough to maintain up-to-date property and parcel data. Combined with keeping track of all the necessary follow-ups, documentation, and important dates, it’s easy for things to slip through the cracks.

New configurable webhooks allow you to send data from itamlink to other systems in an automated, real-time fashion. For example, administrators can trigger follow-up actions, such as sending an internal email when a property is created, making it easier to keep track of and audit changes. You can also subscribe to email notifications, ensuring important actions don’t get missed. Along with this, itamlink Enterprise also offers bulk-delete, which allows you to quickly remove data that’s no longer active or applicable in a portfolio.

giant hourglass people working on laptops efficiency

A better way to manage your property tax strategy

By streamlining processes and leveraging technology to provide built-in security functions, you can uncover more savings opportunities in your property tax portfolio. At Rethink, our goal to develop the tools and technology you need to make better business decisions. To learn more about itamlink Enterprise, check out our Plans page.

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