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December 7, 2021

A Year in Review: 2021 at Rethink Solutions

A recap of Rethink Solution's key achievements in 2021, including new features, tools, and property tax community-building initiatives

It’s been a full and exciting year at Rethink Solutions. In 2021, we expanded our suite of tools and features more than ever before. We continue to work towards our mission of becoming the trusted, go-to software for property tax management and to build a global property tax management community.

2021 marked another milestone for us: our 20-year anniversary. Over the last two decades, property taxes have increased considerably, and with it, the need to properly manage it. This shift has been accompanied by an acceleration in technological innovations, many of which have made it possible to optimize everyday processes and improve collaboration.

Just as the property tax industry has changed a lot over the last 20 years, so has Rethink Solutions. As the years have passed, the rate at which we’ve grown has accelerated. Each year, we’re offering more tools, features, training, and events than ever before. And this has never been truer than in 2021.  

A Year in Review: 2021 at Rethink Solutions

Here are some of our proudest accomplishments from the year.

1. Expanded the number of qualified standard integrations we offer

This year we expanded our suite of integrations, helping clients connect itamlink with AP, ERP, and other systems to simplify internal workflows and streamline data transfer. Among the integrations we added were Yardi, Nexus Systems, and Anybill.  

Through these integrations, our clients are able to streamline and automate tax payments, maintain a comprehensive system of record, speed up decision-making, and improve cross-departmental collaboration. Our expanded suite of integrations helps clients reduce duplication and manual rekeying, helping teams become more efficient and improve accuracy with automatic data transfer to AP software.

2. Launched itamlink Enterprise

This year we introduced itamlink Enterprise, a new plan that helps companies enhance organizational security, auditability, and efficiency. Based on client feedback, we made it easier for administrators to centrally manage user onboarding and offboarding and streamline data sharing with internal and external stakeholders. itamlink Enterprise also offers SSO (Single Sign On) and other tools to improve security and streamline workflows.  

3. Updated Accruals and Forecast modules

In 2021, we re-built our Accruals module from the ground up. A key improvement we made was the creation of our sync tool, which enables clients to sync their forecasts to their accruals on demand. This tool not only speeds up workflow processes, but also provides property tax teams with more control. Our updated Accruals module automatically maps your jurisdictional periods into your fiscal calendar and takes into account differences that appear in your accrual calendar. Additionally, we’ve also expanded the options available for accrual tracking across 13 periods (5-4-4, 4-5-4, and 4-4-5) to accommodate various workflows.  

Not only did we rebuild our Accruals module this year, but we also made updates to our Forecast module. Clients are now able to use rates and values from different years in their forecasting calculations.  

4. Redesigned itamlink Capture, our industry-leading data abstraction tool

Our property tax data abstraction tool, itamlink Capture, was reimagined in 2021, offering a more intuitive and integrated experience. Clients are now able to access and use Capture directly within itamlink, instead of having to log in through a separate portal. What’s more, they can receive email notifications, both when batches of property tax documents are processing and when they are finished. Our new update also enables clients to view on-screen statuses while their documents are uploading. And the best part? Capture is now faster than ever.

5. Unveiled a new website and brand vision

This year, we refreshed our brand with a modernized style and unveiled a new website. As part of our redesign, we revisited some of our visual components and made several key updates. This included streamlining navigation, developing an updated illustration style, and updating our color palette to be more accessible.  

Our main goal through this redesign was to showcase a more modern design that harboured a professional, cohesive feel. We made it a key component in this redesign to focus on web accessibility for our clients, ensuring that the color combinations we chose were legible for all viewers.  

6. Hosted our first experience-sharing event for property tax professionals

In Spring 2021, we hosted an experience-sharing event, featuring speakers from companies that use itamlink. During the event, we shared real-life experiences and examples about managing large property tax data sets, leveraging reporting and analytics tools, and optimizing data-sharing and integrated systems. With nearly 130 virtual attendees, we welcomed guests (virtually) across various geographic markets, industries, and seniorities to learn and share their experiences and best practices.

Thank You for an Amazing Year at Rethink Solutions!

While we’ve highlighted some of the major improvements we’ve made at Rethink Solutions this past year, this isn’t all that we’ve accomplished in 2021. In fact, we continuously make new updates and improvements to our itamlink software. Over the past year, we’ve improved several of our modules, updated the user interface across many itamlink tools, and launched our new Jurisdiction Manager and Tax Installment Generator, to name a few.

Alongside new features and tools, we’ve also made many internal changes at Rethink: we’ve grown our team, taken on more office space to accommodate our growth, and have slowly begun to transition back to an in-office work environment.  

As President of Rethink Solutions, I want to extend my gratitude on behalf of the entire team to our clients and partners for joining us on the journey in becoming an industry-leading property tax management software. Through customer feedback and suggestions, we’re continually iterating on our software, offering more events and training sessions, and adding new features. We’re excited to continue providing for the property tax community and can’t wait for all the exciting and new projects we have planned for the upcoming year!

This post is written by Mordechai Katzman, President of Rethink Solutions. Mordechai has more than 20 years’ experience advising firms on property tax management strategy, technology, and processes, He has spoken locally and internationally at events for the International Property Tax Institute (IPTI), Institute for Professionals in Taxation (IPT), and the Council on State Taxation (COST), to name a few.

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