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December 23, 2019

Rethink Solutions Named Top 10 Tax Technology Solutions By CFOtech

itamlink software helps teams to optimize and manage complex processes

Top 10 Tax Technology Solutions Finalist

Reevaluating processes to empower departments, improve efficiency and transparency, while adopting better technologies is crucial for the success of modern tax departments. To help organizations across industries harness the potential of technology, CFO Tech Outlook has compiled a list of the Top 10 Tax Technology Solutions Providers.

According to CFO Tech Outlook “It is essential to understand just how tax technology is changing the industry right now and how companies are adapting. At a time when the evolution in this sector is fast-paced, organizations, regardless of size, are gearing up to compete.”

Improving itamlink everyday

Rethink Solutions has been recognized by CFO Tech Outlook as one of the Top 10 Tax Technology Solutions Providers for our ability to both “manage and optimize all facets of the complex and crucial property tax management lifecycle.” Receiving this honour is a testament to the incredible team we have at Rethink Solutions, and to the tremendous effort we have put into making our product, itamlink, even better in 2019.

Earlier this year we launched our New User Interface, demonstrating our continued focus on building a property tax software that is the pinnacle of innovation and function. Driven by our commitment to continuous product improvement, the new user interface (UI) incorporates enhancements that make the user experience more intuitive, insightful and efficient. Amid these changes and upgrades, we maintained an NPS score of +95. Our client satisfaction is a reflection of the fantastic team we have working at Rethink Solutions, as our ongoing success is only possible thanks to the commitment and enthusiasm each of our team members has shown our customers during this period of growth.

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