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Even highly organized teams find managing property taxes a headache due to its time-consuming nature and complexity. Juggling various jurisdictional regulations and deadlines, along with the risks of incurring interest, fees, and penalties for missed deadlines, adds to the challenges. Additionally, the ongoing task of tracking and managing tax appeals and documents, typically done in Excel or disparate systems, is susceptible to errors and omissions.

Join us to see how Altus’s tax technology, itamlink, is helping organizations transform their property tax assessment and management process across their real estate portfolios.  We’ll show you how companies like Brookfield Properties, Fairfield Residential, and Prologis:

  • Effortlessly manage property tax expenses and bills, ensuring timely payments and reducing administrative burden
  • Streamline assessment reviews and value analysis to identify appeal opportunities swiftly, minimizing errors and maximizing savings.
  • Easily develop tax forecasts, manage budgets, and track tax-saving opportunities across multiple properties, with built-in calendar reminders for crucial dates.
  • Make better business decisions with configurable standard and custom reports.
  • Review year-over-year trends, compare within jurisdictions, and identify opportunities across their entire portfolio.
  • Reduce time-consuming manual tasks and duplicating information across systems with integrations with property management and other industry-leading ERP systems

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May 29, 2024

12:30 ET

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