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April 29th - Deadlines, Stakeholders, Savings and Fees: Using Technology To Manage All the Moving Parts in a Property Tax Appeal.

With the property tax appeal process underway, tracking multiple deadlines, tasks, statuses, and communications across different jurisdictions can get quite complex and difficult to manage. It becomes even more complicated when there are multiple teams, both internal and external, involved in the process. Ensuring the information everyone is working with is up-to-date can be an arduous task when you share an office, let alone if you are working remotely or  across multiple time zones. Furthermore, getting an accurate report on total savings after an appeal can be difficult if payments, refunds and fees are not tracked correctly and in a timely manner.

What is the best way to ensure your team doesn’t miss an important deadline due to ineffective processes or outdated systems? How can you track payments, refunds, fees and savings and build simple, yet effective reports? Find out on April 29th during our hands-on webinar that will take you through the latest in property tax appeal management technology. 

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April 29th 2020
12:00PM EST | 9:00AM PST

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